DMM 2019: Program

12th German Open Mölkky Championship 2019
15th - 16th June 2019, Erlangen

Dear Mölkky players,


Welcome to the DMM 2019!
Below are a few notes.



Important: The game folder


Each team must pick up its individual game folder at the information on Saturday morning from 9:00 to 9:30 o’clock.


It contains:

  • 4 to 6 self-adhesive name badges with your printed team name (Not to be used on leather, silk and velvet). If still necessary, please write your given names on them. Waterproofed felt-tip pens are available at the information desk. (All other pens smear over!)
    The badges are for Saturday and Sunday, removing and sticking to another textile should be no problem.
  • Individual fixture list (schedule of games)
    The list shows you against whom on which court at what time you will have a game.
    Further you can use it for your run of the play.
  • Poll sheet
    Please fill it out and return it to the information desk.
  • 1 ball pen





We are guests at FSV:
Please keep the sports facilities clean and use the existing rubbish bins and ashtrays.
Camping is allowed due to an exemption, but please do not use the emergency route.
Nevertheless, respect the peaceful environment from 24:00 clock.
Please pay attention to all tent pegs when dismantling the tents.

Every year we find a few which can destroy lawnmowers.

We would like to come back next year.



Friday, June 14, 2019


10:00 AMmount signs, build up pavilions,
marking the courts, setting up tables and benches,
From now on, the tents may be set up.
about 4:00 PM
Release of the courts for training games
after completion of the marking work
In the evening

As the "Erlanger Bergkirchweih" is still open this weekend, we won't have own events.



Saturday, June 15, 2019


appr. 7:00 AMsandwiches, cakes and coffee at the playing fields
8:30 AMPreparatory work, e.g. setup games
9:00 AM to
   9:30 AM

Emitting the game folders with the individual fixture list (schedule of games)
9:30 AMOfficial opening of the German Mölkky Championships
10:00 AMStart of the games
6 PM onwardsAs the "Erlanger Bergkirchweih" is still open this weekend, we won't have own events. Saturday night there (at the fields) will be from about 17:00 until about 22:00 clock (or 23:00 clock) grill platters with salad and drinks. The club restaurant (with a new host) is of course also available to everyone.

On Saturday the games will be played without referees. The teams monitor each other and signed by both teams game results are given to the information.

In case of bad weather the times could shift slightly.



Sunday, June 16, 2019


appr. 7:00 AM

sandwiches, cakes and coffee at the playing fields

10:00 AMGames continue
appr. 5:30 PMAward ceremony after the final

From the half-finals there will be two referees per court.
All placements in the rankings (rank 1 to 64) will be played off. It is worthwhile for anyone to play on Sunday.



Course of the game


Preliminary rounds:

During the preliminary rounds each game court has its own clipboard with all corresponding fixture lists. Please provide the signed paper to the information desk after each game.


KO rounds:

The next game can be seen on the monitor. Please go to the information desk with the game number (above left) and pick up your relevant fixture list.



All courts are numbered. The game is not limited to the marked area; skittles can stand outside of the marking lines as well.


If there are any ambiguities, please contact one main referee.





One main referee (Walter) will help with tricky questions. If the teams will not come to an arrangement, just fetch the main referee who will make a decision.


We are looking for volunteers, who could act as a referee for the quarter-finals (“Round of 8”) onwards. If you are interested, please come forward to the information desk and be subscribed as a referee for one of the final rounds.
Now you need to remember only the time and then you referee the game ;-)

We would appreciate any help!



We wish all teams a lot of fun and success!


Your DMM Team


signed by Walter Aust

DMM coordination


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