German Mölkky Championship - DMM 2020

DMM and COVID-19

Unfortunately, we will be part of the series of tournament cancellations.
Yesterday we unanimously decided to cancel the DMM with a heavy heart.
Even if the ban on the use of sports fields, hotels, camping etc. were repealed before the DMM, it would be practically impossible to comply with all other legal requirements.

Handling of previous registrations:
It would be very nice if you let us know by the end of May if you

  1. want to keep your registration (including participation fee) for DMM 2021 (June 19-20, 2021).
    The team members could be changed by May 2021.
  2. want to withdraw your registration completely.
    In this case, the participation fee will of course be reimbursed.

Email to: anmeldung(at) (please don't forget your team name)

We sincerely hope, DMM can take place next year and wish you all:
Stay healthy!

best regards
(on behalf of the entire organization team)