DMM 2017: Facts & Figures

10th German Open Mölkky Championship 2017
17th - 18th June 2017, Erlangen

from 9 nations:Åland, Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic,
Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland,
players:about 310
Playing fields:quantity:32  (same as 9. DMM)
area 1 field:77 m² (without semicircle)
area of all fields:2464 m²
line length 1 field:53.1 m (white chalk line)
line length of all fields:1700.5 m
Games / Sets:maximum quantity:416 games with 896 to 1152 sets
used:405 games with 994 sets
throwings:minimum 11000
shortest set:4 rounds:
KickörKellör II – Noah und die Wilde 30 I
(game for rank 17 to 32, 1st set)
longest set:20 rounds:
Mölkk & gut – Mölkkallica BMC e.V.
(Preliminary round)